Love is Found at #SearchLove: My Days in Boston

Love is Found at #SearchLove: My Days in Boston

Day One- Boston, Here I am; “So Don’t I?”
May 1st, 2016
I arrived in the afternoon, thankfully because the weather was getting pretty rainy, but I made it! I hailed an Uber driver via their app and saw a message screen to meet the Uber driver at “The Limo Pickup Area”. So I did that after I got my bags and proceeded to start my tour and grace my presence in Boston.
Wow!!! What a city?!? As I wrote this, Mind you I was a Phoenix native walking off the airplane with a shirt, Hoodie, Nike Camouflage shorts with Under Armour training shorts on under those and sandals. Probably the only guy in Boston wearing that during this weather- But wait, there was another cold weather warrior wearing the same coverage type cotton clothing. Phew!
My Uber driver took me through the tunnels under its beautiful cities waterways, rivers and got me to my hotel safe and sound. A 5-star review was left and written for him and his Uber bosses and his next app hailer to see he was a great and friendly driver.

Evernote Camera Roll 20160504 020919-2Now it’s time to get checked- in at the Hyatt Cambridge and get ready to go to my first Red Sox game at Fenway!!
I get ready and head down to hail a cab/ Uber and the hotel is loading up their van to take 4 people to Fenway. I over heard and asked if this was a general shuttle and I scored a ride the dropped me right off in front of Yawkey Way at Fenway.
Who are the Sox playing, They’re playing no other team, than the New York Yankees! The history, the games, the brawls, the fights, the fans. It was all there at my viewing pleasure. It was simply unbelievable. I got to the stadium 2 1/2 hours early and made my way in taking selfie after selfie and making sure monuments, landmarks were in the back ground and my face photo bombing Boston History. As I go through security, my selfie stick apparently is discriminated on, I had to store it at the Yawkey Way Store where they close 30-minutes after the game and are ONLY OPEN during Sox games. It was $5.00 to store my belongings.
 The weather was not fair, Sunday teased everyone with a canceled game. I believe it wasn’t canceled and played through mother natures cruel joke of maybe not playing tonight because of Sunday Night Baseball on ESPN.
Evernote Camera Roll 20160504 020919-1
I finally get my bearings and had to ask only ONCE, but I found the “Monsta'”, I purchased a single standing room ticket to Fenway on the Green Monster and it was amazing. I met a nice vendor, Tony, who served me my first ever Boston Beer and welcomed me to the stadium as I was his only customer (I sort of was being so early and the weather), but nonetheless, was treated well.
I ended up meeting a couple of new buddies, one, a guy with his dad from NY and of course Yankees fans. A Boston local father with his sons. As well as another guy from Jersey, a Mets fan, wearing NY Jets gear, taking in the history as I was.
For the record, I did claim my love for my AZ teams, both the AZ D-Backs and AZ Cardinals, both coincidently who the Boston and NY fans despise for the rivalry and I’m sure of a 2001
World Series Walk-Off hit, the Cardinals beating Brady at Gillette. But that’s besides the point.Evernote Camera Roll 20160504 020919
I simply enjoyed the simple things in life. I took in a baseball game with May Showers, made new friends and watched a hell of a baseball game with fans of both sides.
FOOD FOR THOUGHT- I found a gem pizza place that delivers until 3am.  With the game getting over close to 12:15am, I had to tour the stadium as it emptied out.  Then proceeded to Cask’n Flagon for a couple of drinks and headed back to the hotel. Room service was closed, so I was introduced to this “gem”, Pizza Days! Great sauce, fast service, delivered right to your room, when you’re hungry and in a pinch for late night carb action.
I couldn’t have written it better myself. Here’s to having a “Monsta’ IPA” at Fenway in the near future!

Day 2- Harvard has me as a guest, “How Do You Like Them Apples?!!”
May 2nd, 2016
Evernote Camera Roll 20160504 020918-6I slept in (a little) but needed to tour Harvard. It was 1.3 miles away from me and Crystal asked for me to send her pictures of the college where her late uncle attended school. I couldn’t pass up the history this fine city offers its residents and visitors. I hop on the shuttle and it’s raining again. Puddles splashing, umbrellas popped, runners jogging.
I get to the campus, scarce of students (Monday, probably in class or studying) and I walk through century old bricks that in between have gates. Placards are on the walls of entrances and building with dedications, memorials and or missions. Chairs in the common areas of grass and empty tables pooling up splashes of rain drops.
The sound of rain hitting the newly bloomed leaves overhead and the outside traffic driving through the puddles. It was simply beautiful. As I walked passed dorms, libraries, study halls and classroom buildings, I realized there is so much in this world people can aspire to. Just the culture and diversity that embodied this campus. All walks of human of intelligent life populated these grounds.
I did in fact take more selfies of moments and monument photo bombing to capture moments I could never really ever describe without the help of the candids. It definitely made me want to go to college and get my degree. To learn something that stood for something taught by people that want you to make a difference in the world because they see your potential. I even walked the 1.3 miles back to my hotel and did some soul searching of myself.
Harvard, I hope one day my son goes to your grounds and maybe wants to aspire to be apart of your student body and one day, successful alumnus.
And Harvard- You’re Wicked “Smaut”! Hopefully it rubbed off on me just a little.
I think I ended the day with an alarm going off at 10:30 pm EST because of a flood in the garage at our hotel, the alarm scared the sh– out of me, glad we weren’t in danger though!

Day #3 Conference Time at Harvard Medical School
May 3rd, 2016
The reason I’m here, why I went- I’m convinced that these trips inspire me to use Twitter more often than not. Im also convinced this trip inspired me to write, blog and post my learning adventures.
I’m at one of the smallest radius areas that embodies so many students, so many colleges ( I believe with in 6-8 miles, there’s 20 colleges) and so many people that have the potential to be presidents, doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs or whatever they can dream up in their ‘Beautiful Minds’
I thought I slept in, but I made it in the nick of time to get to my conference. There were emergency vehicles blocking some key points of the entrance to the conference m, so I wasn’t the only one tardy.

I walked into Harvard’ Medical Center Auditorium to catch Wil Reynold’s, of SEER Interactive speak. I stood at the top of the entrance walk way until he was finished.  (I probably won’t go into far detail for conference speakers; too much to go over which is why I bought the video package) But man, what a line-up of great speakers that lead the way! Day One Schedule and Speakers:

Evernote Camera Roll 20160504 020918-2I walked down to find a seat and caught the second speaker. After I realized I was far too close and in everyone’s focal point, I awaited the break and as I was very uncomfortable in front row, I noticed a balcony seating section with very little occupancy.
I took advantage and took the high road. My focal point was now the entirety. I saw how people were taking in the speakers advice and truth of their stories. I watched presenters speak meaningful sentences with purpose and offerings of using the same tactics. This time I, i opted out of going to the gathering for personal reasons as we’re (my family and I) in the stages of losing a close family member. I walked home from this venue, now a distance of 1.8 miles, so I have that going for me! I can’t wait for day two of this conference, being on time, and from the balcony.
My brain is on overdrive, as I write two days of my recent past on the vigorous day after a long day of educational engagement. Carb overload confession: I also ordered from the pizza gem again.  This time I ordered a Calzone, online, and I customized it: Got the Ham and Cheese calzone, but modified it with pineapple and inside sauce with marinara.  Basically, an inside out Hawaiian, I’ll dub it, “The RJ”.

Day #4: I’m Coming Home W/ Wicked Knowledge 
May 4th, 2016- COMING SOON! (I don’t have a time machine…. yet)
Here’s what I have to look forward to, Day 2 Schedule & Speakers:
Evernote Camera Roll 20160504 020918-4


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