Strengthen Your Links

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Anchor text is defined by Wikipedia as the visible, clickable text in a link on a web page. I feel it’s worth talking about and hope that other developers and seo companies can integrate this powerful seo technique into their development.

Typical link usage. Most web developers seem to want to use the company name or the website domain as the linkable text, which is good but has so much more potential than that. Its is one of the reasons why its becoming tougher and tougher to find relative websites relating to their product or service they are searching for. If the web page is well designed and optimized there’s really no need to strengthen a search for the company name. In some cases you may be competing against other companies in your industry using a similar company name, especially on a national level. In such a case, using the company name as the anchor text is justifiable.

The power of anchor text. Instead of using the company name or domain name try using a keyword string relating to the company’s website your linking to. We’ll use Netwirks for example. Instead of using “Netwirks LLC” or “” as the linkable text I’m going to use internet marketing phoenix or web advertising phoenix as the anchor (linkable) text. Because the Netwirks website is well designed and optimized, we already rank for keyword search “netwirks.” By setting my anchor text to internet marketing phoenix and linking to the Netwirks website I’m telling the search engines that the company Netwirks is related to the internet marketing industry in Phoenix, AZ. Hence when people do a search for this keyword string or something similar to, there’s a greater chance that our website will present itself to the viewer.

Some of you may already practice this and I love to see it when its used. Some of you may not and I hope you have learned something new. I feel it is our responsibility as website developers to share good web practices with each other and make it easier for the web searcher to find a website relating to the product and service they’re searching for.

The Writer Within

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Just recently I had a client stop into the office and she was worried that she wouldn’t be able to keep up with her blog. I asked her to tell me about her business and how it was started. She went into a deep conversation about her product and her passion. I congratulated her on her first blog post. I see the potential of good writers all around me. I feel if you can hold a conversation with someone then you are more than capable of being an amazing writer. Here are some things to keep in mind to help unlock The Writer Within.

Write natural. Write like your having an informative conversation. If you’re following strict guidelines, write first, then make changes later. Worrying too much about the structure of the writing or keywords can dramatically slow or even “block” the creative writing process.

Write about something your interested in. You’ll find it much easier to write when your passionate about something. Be excited. Be funny. Make good logical points to keep your readers coming back for more.

Write about a personal experience. Some of the most interesting writing I’ve read is how a particular subject has affected a persons life. You’ll also be surprised when you write a full page article without even knowing it.

Don’t plagiarize/copy content. You risk the chance of search engine penalizing the website you are writing on. Besides, your original writing will be much more interesting to read.

• Don’t worry about your writing. Some readers may absolutely love your writing, and some may not. It’s the freedom of expression. Don’t take it hard if someone criticizes you. Use it as fuel to become a better writer.