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FAQ, Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to another edition of Frequent Friday! Today we are answering your questions about Email Marketing, and why it’s so important for your business!

  1. What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is the concept of marketing directly to your customers, clients, other businesses, and the general public through email.

It’s important that you set clear goals for your Email Marketing campaigns so that your newsletters and emails are applicable to all of your subscribers.

For example, if your intent is to gain new business from new subscribers, your emails will look different than if your goal is to enhance current relationships between your business and existing customers.

  1. How do I develop leads for my email list?

Arguably the most important way to generate leads for your email list is to create an opt-in form that you can embed on your website, blog, Facebook page, and any other landing page you may have.

The more opt-in forms you have spread throughout your online platforms, the more opportunities you have to collect emails of interested readers.

  1. What are Opt-in forms?

Opt-in forms are those little boxes on a web page that pop up and ask you to enter your information in order to sign up for a newsletter, webinar, or to receive a free e-book.

Within opt-in forms are fields for your readers to fill out, usually including a space for your name, email, and any other relevant field.

When readers fill out and submit an opt-in form, their email automatically gets sent into a database where it will live forever…or at least until they unsubscribe.

Your new subscriber will receive an automated confirmation email to make sure that they were in fact the person who signed up to receive your newsletter.

Once they are confirmed, you can officially send them emails, newsletters, special offers, and more – right to their inbox.

  1. What platforms/templates are out there?

There are several Email Marketing Service Providers (ESPs) that will help guide you on your email marketing journey. Mail Chimp is a popular ESP that is free to use, but has limitations on its services for basic users.

GetResponse and AWeber are also great ESPs that offer a lot of services such as analytics on your email signups, clicks, and converts, segmentation of lists, and customized opt-in forms.

  1. How do I make sure my emails avoid the spam folder?

How do you make sure that your wonderful and insightful newsletter makes it to the right folder? There a couple of things you can do.

First, you can ask your subscribers to add your email address to their address book or trusted sender list, so you can be sure they receive your email.

Second, avoid using all uppercase letters and unnecessary characters in your subject headline. Spam email often contains a combination of these, and you don’t want your newsletter to be confused for spam!

Lastly, you can update the SPF records for your organization. For more information on that, click here.

If you would like to learn about how we can help your business with Email Marketing, or if you have any other questions, please contact us!

RJ is a dedicated marketer, always learning on how he can stay with the pack to always strive to provide a great customer experience. You can contact RJ at, follow him on twitter @real_ryanjones and Netwirks on Facebook!

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